A downloadable game

The era of zombies is coming!

The humans have been killing the undead long enough - for centuries, zombies have suffered from human tyranny - but that ends today!

Your task is to lead the walking dead into battle! Use various zombie types to kill as many humans as possible.


  • Diversity of the dead! Choose from various zombie types, use their strengths and weaknesses. Earn bonuses and use them wisely. Plan your carnage!
  • Galore of guts and gore! Kill those pesky humans and spill hectolitres of blood! Watch them get sliced and diced in rain of bullets, explosions and...zombies!
  • Plan and conquer! Test your tactical abilities by getting the highest score! Unlock new zombie types and destroy the army base!
  • It ain't over yet! Keep your eyes open for future updates! New units, levels and features coming soon!

Game info:

This is currently an early alpha version (ver. 0.1), fully playable. New updates will come regularly and will include new game content. If you encounter any errors or bugs or have a suggestion, please send me an e-mail to polman.et2@gmail.com or post them in the comments below.

Install instructions


  • make sure to unzip the game after download!
  • do not edit the save file! The save file is encrypted and editing it may cause data loss and thus making the save file corrupted.
  • there is a known issue with 'BS.Player' that may cause a game error. If you encounter such error, please close the game and restart your system.
  • make sure to close any media player programs before starting the game, otherwise the in-game music may not play.


spreadthedead.zip 18 MB